Wednesday, July 31, 2002

old hearing, ew!

I HATE MY OLD HEARING AID!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my digital hearing aid back! The old one makes EVERYTHING sound so incredibly weird and even echo-y at times too even! And with the old one on, my ear is even more sensitive to certain sounds, like the cupboard doors being closed or door slams.... I HATE this! There's something wrong with my digital hearing aid (it keeps feedbacking all the time for no reason whatsoever) so Friday morning, my mom and I are drivng down to the University of Wyoming to drop off my hearing aid at the audiology department so they can fix it while my mom and I vacation in Nebraska. Hopefully I'll have my digital hearing aid back BEFORE school starts, which is on the 26th.

I'm listening to Hanson's "This Time Around" album and ALL of the songs sound so DIFFERENT! I absolutely HATE analog hearing aids! And what am I gonna use to listen to my music when my mom and I are driving in the car?!?! I sure can't use headphones cause then my mom'd hear the music since I ususlly have my CD player turned ALL the way up. And if I use my neckloop and set my hearing aid to the Telecoil setting, I pick up on either static or this weird buzzing sound when I'm in cars....... this is gonna suck!