Thursday, December 1, 2005

new mold!

I went to see my audiologist today to have an earmold impression made.. Cause i NEED a new earmold (the one I currently have doesn't fit right anymore and he can see where it doesn't fit). So he made the impression, and I made mention of my hearing aid cutting off.. Told him that even after he sucked out the moisture with the machine the last time, it didn't make a difference.. So he said to keep track of it and if it continues cutting off, he may have to send it in.. I swear, I have more problems with this hearing aid than I ever did with my last digital one! Anyway.. as I was getting ready to leave the office, I told the audiologist I wanted a red earmold, as I was bored with the clear/skin tone colors. So he said he'd get me a red one. WOO HOO! I haven't had a colored mold in SO long, not since like, elementary school really. I remember I had a bright green mold once, bright orange, purple........ Yeah. I could've gone for mixed colors but I didn't. I'm just excited over the fact that I'm getting a red mold. I'm such a dweeb!