Friday, June 12, 2009

SSI, Airport, etc

Last Thursday, my aunt and I flew out to Mississippi. Flying out, I had no problem. On Monday as we were going through security check at the Gulfport airport, I had my hearing aid hanging in front of my ear instead of resting behind my ear. Some of the security personnel noticed this and pointed it out to me, wondering if it was a bluetooth device. "No, it's my hearing aid." "Oh, ok, come on through then." That's the first time I ever encountered security questioning whether I had a bluetooth device or a hearing aid on. It kind of made me laugh.

As for SSI, well, we got more paperwork to fill out! I myself have to fill some out, my mom does.. As do my counselor. So I'm sure Dr. Kelsall and the audiologist at Rocky Mountain Ear Center are having to fill out some paperwork as well too. Fun stuff, all this paperwork to do. And my mom's been trying to get a hold of a local disabilities lawyer who specializes in SSI/SSDI processes or whatever. It's possible that he just may be out of office for a while, who knows. Mom's left a message on his machine though, so hopefully we'll hear something from him.