Wednesday, June 19, 2013

new earmold!

My new earmold finally arrived at my hearing aid audie's office!  I got up this morning and checked my emails real quick on my ipad, and saw a message from the audie's assistant saying the mold was in.  So of course, I conned my dog into his crate, got dressed, grabbed my packed lunch and took off to get the earmold!  Had to wait a bit as there was another person ahead of me waiting for assistance from the assistant.  Finally, she got the earmold fitted to my hearing aid.  Looks cool, feels like it fits pretty well.  I'm happy!

Cat eye design from Westone.  I like it!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

No Neptune swim

Headed off for my trip and made it to Yankton, SD with my grandparents and aunt on Thursday evening. Granda, Aunt B and I decided to go down to the pool at the hotel, so I took myAB travel case out of my pack pack so I would waterproof the Neptune. The battery had just died too so I was needing a fresh battery. I searched through the entire case and realized jaws missing something... An important piece that makes the Neptune waterproof after removing the Control.... A cover cap! Oh no! How didi manage that?! I was so looking forward to experiencing the sounds of the pool with the Neptune.  I'm fairly certain it's still in the Neptune case that I left at home.

I ended up deciding I wanted to bring both processors for the trip, so I redid the packing of my implant processors. I packed the Harmony in the Harmony dry case and put that into the AB travel case. I stored 7 or 8 extra AAA in the Little Things wallet thingy, and that went in the travel case. The AquaMic and spare UHP was packed into the travel case. But somehow, I forgot to take the waterproof cover out of Neptune case, so that got left behind. Dang!

I had considered calling AB to see if they would overnight a cover cap for me. Ha ha.  I didn't.  I'll just have to take my nephew swimming when I get back home and give the Neptune a try then.  The quest for swimming with the Neptune has been delayed.