Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hamilton Relay presentation

Hamilton Relay did a presentation last night at the old Holiday Inn... DVR sent me the announcement about it in the mail, which arrived yesterday. So of course, I went. And I dragged Mom along. Thought she might be interested and all. And she was!

We had dinner at Johnny J's before we went to the presentation. Again, got to see some deaf friends (a lot of them went to the SignStage performace the other night). So I got to be around some deaf people. I didn't really learn anything new, same stuff that was covered by some Hamilton Relay people at the last WYHI. Yeah. Mom and I then got to talking about the SideKickII and Blackberry stuff... I told her how much I wanted one... We talked to our friend Heather, as she had a SideKickII. Said she got hers from She also says there's not as much coverage in Casper alone for the sidekick.. Some areas of town the SideKick works very well, some areas there's no signal, like up close to the mall and stuff. Says there's more area coverage for the Blackberry.

SideKick's pretty cool. Blackberry is too. I just wanna see if Blackberry has the whole AIM thing in it like the Sidekick. I read on the Fusewireless website that the Blackberry can have AIM on it too... But I wanna see how it works. Blah blah. Mom and I are gonna talk to a friend of Mom's who works for Verizon. See if we can try the Blackberry... We don't know if there's any places here in town that could help us out with the Sidekick.. and as much as I want the Sidekick2, theres barely any coverage in Wyoming for it to work... The Blackberry might be better to use; especially considering I do want to drive to Sheridan myself for the Family Reunion in July, the Blackberry might work better than the Sidekick. Who knows though. Need to do some research and such.