Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random Ramblings

I swear, I'm still here! I haven't vanished. I've just been keeping busy, and I also kind of forgot about this blog for a while there.

I'm ready to get back on the cochlear implant path again. The Naida just did not work out for me, and after doing some research and pestering some audiologists online, I felt other hearing aids like Oticon's Sumo probably won't make much difference. And I still want to find out for sure if there is any possibility of implanting the left ear. Now if I can just save up enough money for the CAT scans, and find the name of the imaging center that had given me the price estimate and whatnot... I just may have to make some relay calls again.

In terms of insurance, I still have none. But just very recently I have gotten to thinking of my future.. Do I even have a future with my current job at the newspaper? It doesn't seem like so. Since I am unable to use the phone, there's just not much else I could do at the newspaper. So I am considering finding a new job, a full-time job that offers benefits. That would really help with the process, for sure. And it would just be nice to have some extra money. I mean, there is no way possible I can even think of moving out on my own with my current earnings (which is barely $300 per paycheck which I get every other Friday and most is spent on bills/personal necessities/dog care). I'll be discussing this with my counselor on Wednesday, figure out what my next step should be in getting on with my own life, that sort of thing.

I've had my crazy dog since July. Adopted him from the Humane Society. He seemed like an alert and smart dog. He is pretty alert to sounds around him, and he is smart but I'm just clueless with the training process (still working on getting in contact with a dog trainer). Anyway, he does bark at me for attention, but he's realized that I don't always hear him bark, so he finds other ways to get my attention. He can be so obnoxious when trying to get my attention! In the mornings, I'm still in bed, but he's awake and bored. Finally he's decided he's had enough of waiting on me, so he starts bouncing on my bed to wake me up, and getting into my face. Urgh! And when I'm at my computer, he nudges his nose into my hip or jumps and bounces off the back of my chair and he even does this weird little... dance. He drives me crazy, and yet, I love him like crazy. He's my boy!