Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today's Appointment

Today I got to meet the new audiologist at the office, since the previous one left to help a relative out for a while. Don't know how long he'll be out, but I was really pleased with the new audie. She's extremely nice, has a husband that wears hearing aids, yeah. She read some of the notes in my file and noticed that I was working on getting a cochlear implant. When she saw that, she got on me for not having a hearing aid on in the left ear for stimulation purposes. She made an earmold impression of the left ear so I can get a mold and start using my analog again later on. We also discussed different power hearing aids, and she's placed an order for a Phonak Naida IX UP, red transparency. Oooo. She tried to hook up my Supero to the computer to make adjustments to it, but alas, she doesn't have the cable cord so the adjustment didn't happen. But overall, I was really pleased with today's appointment! I think I'll be happy with her. Have an appointment for ... I think it was Aug. 24... erm, I have the appointment card at home on my fridge. Since she's the only audie in the whole office, and she's taking on the previous audie's clients, she's rather busy these days, but what else can I do? Last I checked, there weren't any other local audiologists that accept Medicaid.

It seemed like she was familiar enough with how Phonak's newer hearing aids function, and of how to program them... I brought up that I had tried the Naida V a couple years back and that it was so full of problems I wasn't happy then. She said part of it was probably because of the compression feature. Hm!