Friday, November 28, 2003

gotta love mail!

I got my Meningitis Awareness ribbon... :) and a CD containing pictures from the June 2003 Cochlear Kids Camp, which I volunteered at. YAAAAAAAAAAY! haha. I got good stuff in the mail!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

stopped by deaf school. Had a NICE chat with Ruth, we chatted about dogs, academic bowl and whatnot. Sarah approached me, telling me Meredith wanted some info from me for the Western Regional Academic Bowl applications and yeah. Then asked if I would be willing to write an article about last year's academic bowl for the newsletter. I said SURE! Ruth said I should also put the article in the Star Lane newsletter, and i was like yeah that's a good idea! hehe

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

hearing more?

I think I'm hearing a bit more than usual with the new programming on my HA. I mean, everything is MUCH louder, and I seem to be picking up a bit more than usual. And Jo noticed that I can figure out where sound is coming from better. haha. THANKS SHANE!

Monday, November 17, 2003


I went to the clinic center to see Shane, the audiologist. I signed in and all. Waited and waited and waited. My appointment was 11:00 and I didn't see Shane until like 11:20ish. Someone else was in with him, someone I KNOW! This guy used to be the janitor for the deaf school.
Anyway, turns out Shane's office had moved! yeah. and he's now using the Dell Ispirion 2560 or whatever the numbers are, notebook for programming hearing aids instead of the Dell desktop. Interesting yes. He got my hearing aid hooked up to the notebook, then looked at the tubing. He asked "how old is this tubing?" and I just shrugged haha. He changed it quickly, and we got to reprogramming. At first EVERYTHING was messed up and too damn quiet. So Shane went over to the desktop, printed off some stuff from my files that are still on that comp, then put them into the notebook. He kept messing with the volume and all, and finally we got somewhere. Everything's a bit louder, and basically, the volume for my hearing aid, according to the program on the notebook, is maxed out or whatever. HAH! But hopefully I can hear the emergency vehicles as I drive now. Crazy!

Saturday, November 15, 2003

meningitis and deafness

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane(called the meninges) that surrounds the brain and the spinal column. Meningitis itself doesn't cause deafness, but since the brain is so close to the ears, sometimes the inflammation of the meninges can cause the inner ear to become inflamed also, and this can result in deafness.

well what do ya know? FINALLY I learned exactly how meningitis causes deafness! Ever since I did a project on meningitis in 7th grade, I never really understood exactly how it could cause deafness, and now I do! YAY! I learned something new about ME!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I stopped by the deaf school to return the Twins cochlear implant video tape, latest issue of Hearing Health magazine and a couple of books to the library there. Sherry was there, we talked a bit. Talked with Tom the audiologist, asking if I should go to my hearing aid audiologist dude Shane about getting my hearing aid adjusted so that I can HEAR the emergency vehicles coming while I'm driving. I don;'t hear them when driving unless the vehicle's like 3-5 feet away, and that's bad.
Went to go see Shane during lunch hour, but he's out of town. So the secretary and I set up an appointment for Monday at 11 to see him.