Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun with magnets

Went over to Mom and Stepdad's house for a Father's Day BBQ.  I went over at about 1 or so since mom has texted me. I chatted with her with just the implant alone for a while. Then we went out to get some ice, and I started having a little more trouble making sense of what she was saying while we were in the car driving, so I turned the hearing aid on. That helped. Got the ice, an ice cream cake, and headed back to the house to finish preparing for the BBQ.

Eventually everyone showed up, we all ate, the little boys ran amuck and played and had fun. Step-bro was having fun throwing random things at my sister (and probably everyone else too). At one point I ended up with a couple of bottle caps in my hands (the ones step-bro and sis were throwing back and forth).  Oooo... I know some CI users can get paperclips to stick to their head, so I just had to try... I flipped the headpiece off, and stuck the smooth end of a bottle cap to my head where the internal implant/magnet is at, and it stuck! Everyone thought that was cool and funny, and I just got a big kick out of it. It was a weak connection, but hey it was something! I even stuck the bottle cap on my headpiece and it was tricky to get the bottle cap off without also taking the headpiece off. But yeah, was just a random fun magnet moment I had.

Step-bro did suggest I stick a nail to my head for Halloween, and I'm thinking about it. Who knows, I may do something like that for Halloween.. have something sticking to the headpiece (so I can still hear what's going on) and see if that will weird trick-or-treaters out. We'll see!