Thursday, April 15, 2004

new hearing aid!

New hearing aid tomorrow! I just can't wait haha. This whole week I've been anxious. Phonak's Supero.... dude I just really cannot wait to try it out!

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

I found a new hearing aid

Today was definitely a good day. Sunday afternoon, I came across a mention of this new programmable digital hearing aid from Phonak, the Supero.... So I went to the Phonak US website, and printed off info. The Supero is the hearing aid for severe to profound losses, which is what I have. And I think the Supero will be even better than the Claro (the one I currently have). Anyway, I shared the info with mom and she got all excited about it.

So! Today, I went to see my audiologist, Shane, to get my new earmold. And I put the printouts on the counter smack in front of him. And I told him I'm considering getting this hearing aid someday. So, he got my new mold fitted on my hearing aid and all (btw, you can not even see the earmold when you look at my ear, unless you REALLY look at it, pretty cool!). Then we talked about the hearing aid and a possible trial period for it. He says he runs like... 45 day trials or something like that. He picked up his phone, dialed the number for Phonak and got the Wyoming customer service or whatever, and ORDERED one. Haaa cool! He's hoping it'll be here by Monday.

I told mom of what went on after I got done seeing Shane. She's all excited about it. She says if DVR doesn't pay for it, we'll just put it on her credit card... and DVR has told us they'd buy a pair of hearing aids for me or whatever. We'll have to talk to them and all. Just for one Supero HA, it's about $1,700 from what Shane had told me. It might be a bit more than that as he also ordered the Phonak FM boot thingy for the hearing aid, considering I already have the transmitter for my current FM on my HA. When the Supero hearing aid and FM boot comes in, Shane's going to reprogram my remote control I think? so it'd work with the Supero. I'm pretty excited about this! It'll be here soon, hopefully by Monday so we can get the HA programmed before Spring Break ends.