Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CT scan estimates

Wow. Ok, today I actually made some calls to find out approximately how much the CAT Scan IAC#2 without contrast of both ears would cost. I First called Casper Medical Imaging/Outpatient Radiology via i711 Relay. They have 2 charges: the actual procedure is $1,582.80 and the reading is $440. Whoa, I thought that was pretty pricy.

So then I called Wyoming Imaging Center... oh, they don't do CAT scans, only MRI's. Oh ok.

Next was Central Wyoming Imaging. $306! Oh hey, now that is a reasonable price. But, they need a physician's order for the CAT scan. Ok.

I just sent off an email to Rocky Mountain CI Center and told them of what Central Wyoming Imaging told me. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon of what to do about the physician's order bit.

Finally, I got these calls done. Next I will have to call the hospital in Denver where the Center does the CI surgeries, and find out approximately how much their bill would be, if the CNI CI Assistance Program is able to donate the implant. The CNI CI Assistance is still my best chance of getting the CI. My hours have been cut back (prepress job is done), so .... yeah. If I try to get personal insurance for myself, I wouldn't be able to afford it, unless I should get another job.

But hey, I'm slowly working on this. And next week there is a CI conference at the Holiday Inn here. And I am going. Yeah, sure, it may be more aimed for parents of deaf babies/kids, but.. it's still implant info! You never know, I might learn something new.

Friday, January 4, 2008

True Life

Apparently MTV is doing a "True Life: I'm Deaf" documentary. What the heck? I got the information off of Of course, I sent them an email. It could be interesting to do this, should they want me on the show. It might even be fun. We shall see though.