Sunday, June 9, 2013

No Neptune swim

Headed off for my trip and made it to Yankton, SD with my grandparents and aunt on Thursday evening. Granda, Aunt B and I decided to go down to the pool at the hotel, so I took myAB travel case out of my pack pack so I would waterproof the Neptune. The battery had just died too so I was needing a fresh battery. I searched through the entire case and realized jaws missing something... An important piece that makes the Neptune waterproof after removing the Control.... A cover cap! Oh no! How didi manage that?! I was so looking forward to experiencing the sounds of the pool with the Neptune.  I'm fairly certain it's still in the Neptune case that I left at home.

I ended up deciding I wanted to bring both processors for the trip, so I redid the packing of my implant processors. I packed the Harmony in the Harmony dry case and put that into the AB travel case. I stored 7 or 8 extra AAA in the Little Things wallet thingy, and that went in the travel case. The AquaMic and spare UHP was packed into the travel case. But somehow, I forgot to take the waterproof cover out of Neptune case, so that got left behind. Dang!

I had considered calling AB to see if they would overnight a cover cap for me. Ha ha.  I didn't.  I'll just have to take my nephew swimming when I get back home and give the Neptune a try then.  The quest for swimming with the Neptune has been delayed.

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