Wednesday, June 19, 2013

new earmold!

My new earmold finally arrived at my hearing aid audie's office!  I got up this morning and checked my emails real quick on my ipad, and saw a message from the audie's assistant saying the mold was in.  So of course, I conned my dog into his crate, got dressed, grabbed my packed lunch and took off to get the earmold!  Had to wait a bit as there was another person ahead of me waiting for assistance from the assistant.  Finally, she got the earmold fitted to my hearing aid.  Looks cool, feels like it fits pretty well.  I'm happy!

Cat eye design from Westone.  I like it!


MsDrPepper said...

Pretty Purdy!!

I have bubblegum pink and sparkly purple swirley molds! The left side is more purplish and the right side is more pinkish (makes it easier to grab my ha's and not have to fiddle around trying to figure out which is left and which is right!!

MsDrPepper said...

Pretty Purdy!! Yaaay! Never saw that "cat eye" style!!

Mine are sort of bubblegum pink with purple glittery swirled together. In the right ear it shows up more pink and not as much purple, and in the left ear, it's more purple and not as much pink. But it makes putting my HA's in a LOT easier without having to examine the doors (especially in low light conditions)!