Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting ready for vacation

Next week I will be heading out for a short vacation to another state, which should be fun!  I have a cousin that is getting married, so that is where I am headed.  The hotel has a pool, which has me excited. Hopefully I'll have some free time so I can take the Neptune processor for a swim.  I have really been wanting to try the Neptune in a pool setting, but haven't had the opportunity to do so. So hopefully I'll get the chance next week.  I haven't gone swimming in such a long time.  I basically have quit swimming because I hated having to take my hearing aid off and not being able to hear what's going on.  Last time I swam, I think it was when I did the brief swim test in high school, and haven't been in a pool since then. That's a long time.  But now that I have the Neptune, I really ought to start going to the Aquatic Center or the Y and go for a swim.  My mom has been checking into taking swim lessons and I'd like to take them with her.  Having the Neptune would definitely be very useful and helpful during the lessons.

Am also debating on whether I should just take the Neptune, or both processors?  Seems to make more sense to just bring the Neptune, as I'll also be bringing my FM with me so I can listen to music during the trip, and that sort of thing.  Bringing both processors, I'd have to bring both cases, both sets of batteries, etc., I think I would just go crazy trying to keep track of everything!  Yeah, think I may just do the Neptune alone, and make sure to pack plenty of AAA batteries.

I also have a new earmold in the make as well.  Finally saw my hearing aid audie last week to get the earmold impression made.  I have requested a red cat-eye design for it, so we'll see how it turns out when Westone sends it back to the audie's office.  I probably won't get the earmold before I head out, which would be a bummer, but that's ok.  At least I'll have a new earmold at some point!

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