Monday, May 6, 2013

Got the CI tweaked!

Had my MAPping appointment today, and it went well!  Audie did the same test with my CI that she did when I was still in the OR, testing the nerve response.  She said each response looked beautiful and was very happy with it.  Then we got to making new MAPs.  P1 is the old program (60 IDR, HiRes-P), P2 is the new one (70 IDR, HiRes-P), and P3 is 70 IDR, HiRes-S.  This way I can experiment between HiRes P and S and see which one I like, and see how I tolerate the IDR 70.  So far I'm tolerating it, and have switched between P2 and P3 just for experiment's sake.  Tomorrow night's ASL Silent Dinner at On The Border should be a good place for me to experiment with the different programs, as well as the bowling alley this coming Saturday for deaf social and so on.  I didn't need more volume; been using the same volume level since October basically.  So now we can focus on trying different things, see which programming works best, that sort of thing.  She brought up all of the frequency levels a bit, and the very last one was brought up quite a bit as I was able to tolerate better today. 

My very good friend, who's been my interpreter for me in school from K-12, came as well.  She wanted to ask the audie a few questions, and I didn't mind her tagging along.  She was curious about the different programming strategies and that sort of thing too.

I can definitely say this.. P2 with HiRes-P, is loud.  P3 with HiRes-S is quieter, and audie brought up the volume levels for P3 too.  Thinking maybe she could have brought up the volume some more for P3, but that's ok.  That's what the volume dial is for.  Just have to remember to turn it down before switching back to P2!  Now let's make sure I'm not getting P1 and P3 mixed up on the Neptune... I always forget which slot is P1 and which is P3. P2 is obvious, as it's in the middle. But the other 2, I get them mixed up. Will have to look in the Neptune instructions book to make sure I have it right.

Also, last Friday was WYHI Day.  I went, and had a great time!  Usually WYHI is for deaf/hoh students in grades K-12, even preschoolers.  But plenty of adults still like to come too.  I really enjoyed myself, chatting with different people.  There was one person who came up to me and another interpreter (we were chatting, and she was asking if I knew who that person was and I said no), and I got t looking at him... Well, his face certainly is familiar, but his hair wasn't!  He was one of the coaches for the Wyoming team for the Deaf Academic Bowl in 2003 and 2004, and he was completely bald then.  I almost didn't recognize him with his hair.  But it was great chatting with him for a bit!  And my former school for the deaf teacher has told me to get to planning a reunion for our group from the deaf school days.  I've already been texting with one friend, asking if she'd help me plan it and recruit everyone.  I'm pretty excited with the reunion idea, and sure hope I hear back from everyone I've sent messages to.  So far I've only heard from one classmate.  Hopefully the others will chime in soon enough.  The friend that's helping, she'll contact her sister and brother, and another classmate, since they're all in Colorado, and will text yet another since I'm not sure how often he gets on facebook. It would be fun if we all could get together.

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