Sunday, February 24, 2002

deaf conference

I went to northern Wyoming to attend a deaf coference with my mom on Thursday. My mom was on the parent panel with 3 other mothers, 1 of whom is my mom's friend. I was on a deaf panel on Friday with 4 of my friends, Jo (my interpreter), Elisa Beth, Erik, and Will. I was sooo happy to see both Will and Erik at the conference! I haven't seen Will since Summer of 2000, and Erik I haven't seen since WYHI in Sept. or Oct. of last year. Will sure does get hotter and hotter every time I see him! WHOO! My crush on Will just grew even more after I saw him.

After the conference was over on Friday, Will and his mom and my mom and I went out for lunch together. Then Will's mom left to pick up his lil sister so mom, Will, and I went bowling. Will and I played the first 2 games together, I won the first game and Will won the second. Then my mom joined us for the last 2 games, and of course she lost BADLY. I won another game and Will won the last game. That was TONS of fun!

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