Sunday, February 23, 2003

excited for Academic Bowl

We leave for Colorado Springs on Wednesday morning! *gets all excited* I'm very excited about this trip! Definitely looking forward to competing in the Academic Bowl competition! OH YEAH!

And I've decided on a title for my book. It's "My Silent Hearing World". I've submitted what I have so far to Young Authors but it didn't make it to the district level damn it! I was hoping it would go to district level. PFFT!

The Academic Bowl practice session on Thursday afternoon went OKAY. The Wen Video system was screwed at NCHS, I THINK. Most of the time we couldn't even see Mandi on the TV and quite a few times we've gotten disconnected from the network. It was insane. And to make everything worse, I had such a horrible headache that I couldn't even concentrate! It could have been a migraine.. probably was..

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