Wednesday, September 24, 2003


WYHI on Friday! NO SCHOOL FOR ME! YAHOO! sure is nice to be a hearing-impaired student in Wyoming.... and being able to attend WYHI... gets me outta school! And Momma's gonna take a lunch hour that day from work, come to WYHI and talk with Angela about the cochlear implant business. Angela had her surgery for the CI in late May, got "turned on" sometimes in late June/early July.. somewhere around there... Hopefully Angela will be of some help to my mom. And I wanna chat with Angela about the CI myself too. I seriously do want one.

Course, I need to try applying for SSI too.. need to talk to mom about that some more. She told me she was waiting until I turned 18 to try the SSI thing cause they might help pay for at least PART of the CI process or whatever.. I dunno. Maybe we'll discuss cochlear implants again tonight... hmm...

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