Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ear pain, gotta love them

Right. I've been meaning to call my audiologist about getting a different ear hook for my hearing aid. The ear hook was replaced a few months ago, but the hearing aid is still weighing down on my ear and making it ache right where the hook is. So bothersome. I've been wearing this hearing aid since a month before graduating high school (May 2004), so you'd think my ear would be used to it by now. But no, my ear hurts often enough. Makes me wonder how my ear would cope with a cochlear implant, since it'd be bigger than my hearing aid. Of course, I'm sure there are ways to wear the implant BTE so that it doesn't cause the ear to hurt.

Well, let's pull up and give my audiologist a call about that ear hook, shall we?

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Loudest Mom said...

I hope you get your funding approved quickly (and easily)! How exciting :) My kids complain about ear pain every now and again as well (but mainly inside their ear).

Hope it gets taken care of :)