Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cord problem solved!

I think I finally solved the extremely LONG cord problem of my Hatis Epic ear hook that I use to listen to music with... it works pefectly with my hearing aid and I LOVE it, but the cord is so freakishingly long it drives me crazy! But today, I grabbed some post-it sticky notes, rolled it up, then wrapped the cord around it. Then I taped it all up so it would stay on instead of unraveling. Now I don't have all this extra cord hanging down near my feet anymore (or having to wrap it around my iPod every so often, since I do use the ear hook with the computer and DVD player too). Problem solved! I think. I hope!

As for the Phonak Naida hearing aid, I have given up on it. I decided it just wasn't worth the time or money. I hate having to open the battery door to turn it off, and I hate how slow it is to switch programmings on it. On the Supero, there's the on/off switch, which I use several times a day (if I'm on program 3, which is Telecoil, and I want to get back to program 1, I just turn off then turn on the hearing aid, which is real quick! Quicker than pushing the 1 button on the remote too, even!). With the Naida, I'd have to fuss with the battery door, fight with it until it opens, then close it, then wait oh about 5 seconds for it to turn on. And switching programs, it plays this odd little tune in between and is just slower than the Supero. I'll stick with the Supero for the time being, until something else comes along that might be even better, and has an on/off switch!

Oh, and as for my tinnitus... I am once again hearing a dog barking in my mind when I don't have my hearing aid on, but it's not my dog barking.. My dog would be sleeping or just being quiet while I hear this "barking" going on. I used to experience this with my first dog too. It's kind of funny, and odd.


latedeafened said...

I had no idea you could get cords to plug into hearing aids to hear music better! I thought that was just with CIs. I still have one hearing aid, so I'll have to quiz my audi when I go for my hearing aid checkup next month. ;)

Cyborg Queen said...

Dogs barking - oh YES...I experienced that phantom sound quite a lot, especially after working 14 hours at a veterinary emergency hospital. Oh fun! :-)

I am curious though, what music do you like with your iPod? I'm dying to try out different music...