Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MusicLink issues

And already I've got issues with the TecEar NoizFree music link. Great. I think the wiring connection has gotten a bit loose. I have to play with the cord a bit to get the best results for listening to music, but I move in the slightest bit, the connection disappears. Definitely not too happy with this right now. I'll have to speak with my audie on Tuesday and see if there's something else I could use to listen to music on my ipod. I don't want to have to keep buying the Hatis Epic or the TecEar NoizFree every time the old one breaks. Seems like no matter what I do, I'm somehow rough with both device (although the Hatis Epic will last me about a year so I get a longer use out of it).

I have used Phonak's FM unit in the past for listening to music, but I quit using it when the FM transmitter kept breaking so often (I got this transmitter back in Jan. 2001 when I got the Claro hearing aid). It's an older transmitter, one which Phonak doesn't make/sell anymore. And buying a whole new unit would just cost more money that I don't have. Maybe I could try using DAI or something. I don't know, but I'll have to discuss this with the audie and see if we can figure something out. Or maybe the icom? I don't even know.


Paul said...

Any further thoughts on the Epic and/or NoiZfree earhooks? Been looking to get a set but ... man, they all sound so cheaply made + unreasonably expensive. Did NoiZfree honour their warranty? (did you try?)

CDM said...

Yes, TecEar honored the warranty for the noizfree, and since the replacement I've been pretty happy.
They both work, it's just a matter if how often are you going to use them, if you have overly excited pets around that might try yanking it off your ears, etc. I think I get a bit too rough with the devices myself (and my dog jumping on me doesn't help).