Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The earmold I got back in Feb/March.... welllllll it split wide open right at the hole where the tubing goes into the earmold. Oh great. So I made an appointment to have a new earmold impression made, and wore an old earmold that must've been around 5 years old. It was pretty hard too, but I didn't experience feedbacking from the hearing aid with it. Got the earmold impression made...

Week and half later, the audiologist's assistant called and left me a message, saying to call her back. I tried to call back several times with the i711 Relay service, but got a "line is busy" response every time. What?! I was able to get through a couple days later. Yep, earmold is ready, so stop by Friday or Monday and she'll fit it. Of course, I couldn't go last Friday, as my car door wouldn't stay shut. By yesterday though, door was staying shut, my battery had been charged up and I could get my car running again, so I ran over to the audie's office to get the earmold. Yay! This time it's a Westone earmold, not Unitron.

From there, I went to work and switched back to the old earmold, as the new one was already hurting the top of my ear in the crook. I forgot to mention to the assistant to leave the top part off the earmold when the impression was made. But I remembered I had a Dremel tool at home, so when I got home yesterday evening, I used the Dremel and filed the top of the earmold down a bit. Now it fits better in my ear, doesn't hurt. I'm very happy now. I've used nail files in the past to file down the top of the earmold, but the Dremel tool is so much more quicker! I originally got the Dremel tool to use to file down my dog's claws, but he absolutely refuses to let me get near him with the Dremel, so it's been sitting around collecting dust for several months. Was glad to finally get an actual use out of the Dremel.

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