Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Purple VRS

And I am now  an owner of a Purple VRS phone number. Whaaaaat? I didn’t even know you could download the P3 software to any computer with a webcam and use it to make relay calls or video calls (I knew they had their own Purple Netbooks they were offering/selling). Cool! Don’t have a webcam on the desktop, only on the netbook. A deaf friend suggested I download P3, as she needed to ask me something about photo but she couldn’t explain it. But hey, at least it’s free so why not. So I have an i711 Relay personal number (which I’ve had for 2-3 years now), and now a Purple VRS phone number (and you can make IP-Relay calls through the P3 software too!). Hm! So now I've got 2 different options for making relay calls.

Oh and I just now discovered the Blackberry has applications to make relay calls with too. Usually I just use AIM instant messenger to make my calls with i711. At least with AIM, my AIM name is connected to my i711.com account, so I can just say "audiology" and they'll dial the number for audiology and connect me, I don't have to type in a number! I couldn't do that with the i711 relay application on the Sidekicks. Don't know how it will work on the Blackberry but couldn't hurt to try it out I guess.... maybe. Gotta read the reviews of the apps first.

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