Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice start to my week...

Before taking off for work, I checked my emails real quick at home. I saw that I had an relay message..
I m reminding you megan of your appointment and the pre admit clinic at swedish please arrive at the information desk in the lobby of the hospital at 12:45 bring your insurance card photo id and a method of payment if you have a copay for the surgery also we ask that you bring a list of your medications and dosages

Wait, what? .... My pre-admit appointment's supposed to be at 3:00 p.m. March 20th. UUuhhh, I checked my blue book which I wrote down all of my cochlear implant related schedules, questions and notes. Original pre-admissions appointment was scheduled for March 13 at 1 p.m.  Um, wait a minute! That appointment should have been rescheduled!

So I drove to work, as I needed to get to work. Then I pulled open the relay message email again, and started an relay call to the hospital. Got the info desk and they connected me to the Pre-admit area. Found out that my reschedule appointment was never set in the first place, and that I was expected to be seen TOMORROW. Oohh boy! I quickly shot off an email to the CI surgery scheduler person, and also stayed on the line with the pre-admit desk. I told them that the surgeon's office said she had rescheduled my pre-admit appointment to March 20th in the afternoon, and Pre-admit said that was not in their computer at all. I told them I was coming from out of state for the surgery on the 21st, so I wanted the pre-admit for March 20th. They were able to schedule me in for March 20 at 3 p.m. for pre-admissions. Wow. This is quite the start of my week, ha. She also asked if I wanted to have an interpreter available for the appointments. I thought on this, and told her I can usually get by with my hearing aid and lip reading. She said I would probably be fine for the pre-admit appointment, but for the 2 hours before surgery I might want to have one handy as there'd be different medical staff personnel coming to talk to me and such. Ok, fine, go ahead and line up an interpreter for then. She asked if I would want an interpreter available for my parents too, so I had to tell her my parents were hearing, not deaf. Ok. Then I had her tell me the full instructions for the pre-admit appointment (I wasn't sure if my emailed message had gotten cut off or if that was it). Ok, need my insurance cards, ID, list of meds and doses, and form of payment if there's a co-payment. Got it.

Ended that call with everything all cleared up, and shot off another email to the CI surgery scheduler person and told her of my phone call with pre-admit, that I got everything taken cared of. I should be good to go now. Whew.  My boss is out of the building this week, so this was what I needed to start off my week with.  Now that I have the appointments confusion taken cared of, now I can focus on my work. Hard to believe next week I'll be back in Denver, for pre-op and pre-admissions on the 20th and surgery on the 21st. Still not feeling nervous or anything yet, just ready to go I guess.

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