Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 week since activation

It's been 1 week since activation. Still hearing electronic tones and feeling sensations for sounds with the implant. I have been noticing though, if I wear my hearing aid alone, it's fine and I hear "normally" with the hearing aid. But as soon as I put the implant processor on, it's like as if the volume on the hearing aid has been turned down. Is this because my brain is trying to balance out both ears? It gets so confusing as it's still tones and not actual sounds in the left ear, and normal sounds in the right. As soon as I take the head piece off, hearing aid ear is back to normal again. Just find that interesting. I've also been trying to keep the hearing aid turned off as much as possible so the left ear gets all the practice. I have slowly worked my way up to Program 2. For a few days, I would start off at Program 1, and when I feel like I'm not getting much of anything anymore, then I'd bump up to 2 with the volume turned down, and slowly turn up the volume. Yesterday and today, I've been starting off with Program 2 with the volume down, easing my way up to the 12 o'clock position with the volume wheel.

I've also been feeling something poking through the skin behind my left ear, right along the groove in three different spots. Definitely feels like some stitches have been left behind. I had my primary doctor look today, and he says there's definitely something (he couldn't pull them out, they're kinda stuck). He was thinking they were just scabs at first, but then he took a closer look with tweezer and more lighting and yep definitely seems like stitches left behind. Have sent a message to Kelsall's assistant and am waiting for a response.

I think I am hearing the turn signal ticking in my car when I drive (I've been keeping the hearing aid turned off in the car). At first I could just feel it, but lately I think I'm starting to hear it a bit. It's like my brain knows the actual sound it's making from the right ear so it's connecting it to the left ear. I can't tell if I am definitely hearing it, but it seems like it. Definitely slow progress!

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