Sunday, September 2, 2012

Angel Sound

Here's a closer look at the Angel Sound Training auditory rehab tool available for download:

different module options

auditory training similar to Sound and Way Beyond

noise module

melodic module

open onset module

music module
Angel Sound Training has a lot more to offer in terms of auditory training than Sound and Way Beyond, including more advanced sessions as well as an expanded music training section. Very useful!


sayno2hate said...

I like angel sound better than my Sound and Way beyond, there are more modules. One really interesting one for me is the pure tone threshold module... (this will be my next blog post) I'm not sure how accurate it is, I will have to see if my audi can do a booth test some time to check.

Its really interesting reading about your journey, because there are some parallels to mine, and some things that are different.

CDM said...

I prefer Angel Sounds too, just more stuff. I still have some trouble with the pure tones, but maybe that'll get better someday. :)

sayno2hate said...

the pure tone discrimination is can be very hard... I'm listening and thinking... but those are the same... the very same... look at my hearing SO... nope... very different... I guess with her 30,000 hair cells... she can detect the differences... but with my 22 electrodes... its much harder.

The pure tone thresholds... now thats harder. I watch the boxes light up... and mostly I think... but the sound never came... the sound never came... I'll post the audiogram I created from it on my blog ( later today...

sayno2hate said...

so I saw Allison yesterday for my 2nd CI activation, and told her I planned on working with Angel Sound for rehab. She said one of her other patients had mentioned it to her... and I asked if it was you. She was amazed that "knew" you (at least I know your blog). (Told her I found angel Sound through your blog, she thought it was funny!

CDM said...

That's pretty awesome! :)

sayno2hate said...

next time you come to Denver, we should see if we can get together and maybe have lunch or something.

CDM said...

Who knows when that'll be. May not be back down to Denver until next summer it looks like.