Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Here are a couple of photos of me (preschool age, around 1990ish) wearing this..... FM system/auditory trainer/assistive listening device.  We were living in Winner, S.D. at the time.  Just thinking back on it, and having to wear that thing strapped to my chest, wow.  Sure is interesting to see how technology has changed since then, with hearing aids and FMs being much smaller and much more advanced now than they were then.

holding Pretty Baby.  Owner was a friend of my mom's and a florist, and I loved this bird.

at the pre-school demonstrating how my hearing devices work.
Here is even a short video footage.  My mom is checking the FM unit to see if it works.  Apparently I couldn't hear her at first!

I remember, when I first started at the Wyoming School for the Deaf, kindergartners wore the same system that I was using in the photos and video posted here (older students used a different system I think?).  I think it was by first grade when I (and the rest of the WSD students) wore the COMTEK FM units from then on, wearing fanny packs to hold the receivers.  Teachers would have a fanny pack or pouch to hold the transmitter.  Whew.


Sarah Purdy said...

When I entered the field of Deaf Ed in 2001, there were still students using the chest (or back) worn FMs. Now, as you know, those straps are a thing of the past but every once in a while we'll have to pull one of those old Comteks out of storage when we're running short (with belt-clip pouches). I remember learning how to change out the crystals in them - now we just turn a screw-like switch to change channels! Technology has sure come a long way!

CDM said...

Sure has! I still have my personal Comtek system that my grandparents got for me. Of course, the case is just collecting dust as I use Phonak's FM system (Smartlink transmitter and one of those little itty bitty receivers) these days. Technology, got to love it!