Saturday, June 21, 2014

Neptune Swim!

I hit up the Aquatic Center to go for a swim today!  And I took the Neptune,  obviously!  First time I've got to swim with the Neptune, finally!  It was fun.  I felt kind of odd, being by myself... but oh well!  I enjoyed listening to the pool environment, the water, and even hummed and snapped my fingers under water.  I also went down one of the water slides (the winding curling one, whoooo!!!)... of course as soon as I hit the pool, the AquaMic came off my head.  No big, I put it back on and kept on swimming and hanging out.  Excellent way to spend the first day of summer!

Last night, I started getting this crazy idea of videoing my pool adventures with the Neptune.  But alas, I don't have anything that would keep my iphone or camera safe... I did order some waterproof cases from Amazon, so maybe next time!  And next time, I shall perhaps kidnap a nephew or someone for even more fun at the pool!  :)
BIG Thanks to Advanced Bionics for the wonderful waterproof Neptune!  I love it!

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