Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pizza Ranch Community Night: Success!

Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices did the Community Night at the local Pizza Ranch last night, and it was a success!  Nine of us came out to help with busing tables, greeting customers, and that sort of thing.  Ended up being a busy night, but it was fun! 

When we all were there, we were given a quick tour and run down of what to do for the night, and then we were released to eat from the buffet (Pizza Ranch's "payment" for our volunteering to help), and to get to work.  Most of us ate a bit, while others started working.  Eventually all of us were all over the joint, talking to customers who were asking what the organization is about and what we do (providing support and awareness for families of deaf/hoh children), busing the tables, delivering pizzas for the Buffet Your Way, gathering tips/donations, selling raffle tickets for six different raffle items (baskets/package type of prizes), and that sort of thing.  We were busy from 5-9 p.m., and even helped with clean up in the dining areas at closing time.

Just from tips, raffle tickets, and donations in general, we brought in over $1000 for Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices, which is awesome!  We still haven't heard how much we got from the 20% of dine-in/delivery sales yet.  Either way, it was a very successful fundraiser, and our team is welcome to come back again in the fall or winter to do another Community Night!  We have more fundraising events coming up in August before the Hear in the Dark 5k event, and I'm looking forward to helping/participating at those events as well, and any other events Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices put together!

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