Saturday, December 21, 2002

get together

Today was AWESOME! I got to see my 3 deaf friends that are from Colorado, a deaf friend that lives here, my interpreter and the teacher we all had when we were at the deaf school! That was awesome. I haven't seen the 3 from Colorado in about a year and half, so it was GREAT seeing them again. We had planned on having Kevin, Aaron and Robert over, but they didn't show up. We were unable to get a hold of Kevin and Aaron, and Robert had a wrestling match so he couldn't come. DAMN! But we're going to plan another get together in the summer, so hopefully EVERYONE will be able to come this time!

I might be going out with the 3 from Colorado later on, to see another one of our deaf friends that we've known for a long time. I did see Heather on Monday but we didn't get the chance to talk or anything since we were busy being trained on how to use the online relay services and the new equipment.

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