Wednesday, December 18, 2002

WYHI video conference

WYHI Video Conference today was FUN! I wasn't just a participant, but I was able to HELP out this time. Since I'm a HUGE computer person at the site here, they wanted me to help out and everything. So on Monday afternoon I was trained on how to use Sprint Relay Online and Video Relay Service, CapTel Telephones, etc. Sure learned A LOT!
I saw very few of my old friends either at the site here or on the TV screens from one of the other sites. We had 5 sites throughout Wyoming, and the deaf students (those that were NOT taking finals) went to the site closest to them, and we saw each other on TVs! That was cool.
We got to talk to Santa through the video cameras on the television, we talked to him using the Sprint Relay Online, Video Relay Service, and the CapTel! The Sprint Relay Online I will definitely use for sure. Won't use Video Relay since I only have a 56k modem and my Webcam isn't at all that good.

Saturday, for sure 6 deaf/hard of hearing students (including myself) will be getting together, along with the interpreter Jo and our old teacher of the deaf Janine. Janine is an outreach consultant for the deaf throughout Wyoming now instead of teaching in a classroom for deaf students. Anyway, we're all getting together on Saturday just to hang out and visit with each other, remember all the fun times we had in the past and that kind of thing. There is one more student Jo and I are hoping to get in contact with to come on Saturday. His mom doesn't exactly know what Aaron is doing so we're working on getting to him. But I'm sure he'll come. Should be a fun day.

I MISS THE OLD DAYS! I miss being around my deaf friends everyday, I miss being at the deaf school, I just miss the past. I miss all of my old deaf/hard of hearing friends and everything. There's quite a few that I haven't even heard from in a LONG time and I REALLY want to get in touch with them. Hmm..... Hopefully one of these days!

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