Wednesday, May 7, 2003

WHOA! DUDE! That webpage is of the newer cochlear implant Auria by Bionic Ears! They're such cool looking CI's! I WANT ONE! Of course, I need to get some more info on it! I'm trying to decide if I want to go with Nucleus, or Clarion/Auria... tough decisions! Am still awaiting information from the Clarion company, as well as Boys Town.

And... My hearing aid is louder now.. Shane fixed the volume on it yesterday.... Only problem is that when I plug my FM transmitter into my CD player, and try listening to the music with that, I don't hear anything! The FM works alone, but when plugged in, it just won't work... and who knows why! Shane told me to come back next Wednesday during my lunch hour as someone from the Phonak company will be at the clinic. So he/she should be of some help figuring out why my hearing aid is not picking up stuff from the CD player. *sighs* it's a whole new hearing aid AND fm system too! You'd think everything would be working and all.. but noooo lmao AI YI! I'm going crazy.

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