Sunday, April 26, 2009

Figuring stuff out

I just shot off an email to the University of Wyoming audiology department asking if they know of any reputable audiologists in the Casper area. If there aren't any, I'll just go back to them, and I mentioned that in the email as well. I mentioned of my audiologist's scamming customers and such, and that I am working on getting a cochlear implant and so on. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon enough. I could do with a new earmold. My ear has been awfully irritated off and on for months now and I'm sick of it. It was my decision to go back to the colored molds (school audiologist always thought I had an allergy and ordered the non-allergic molds for me, but it was more of a problem with the top crook of the ear that would be sore from the earmold, rest of the ear was always fine). Ever since I got this current mold though, it fits, but my ear has been itchy and sore off and on.

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