Monday, April 20, 2009

Sidekick LX

There's a new Sidekick LX coming out soon, May 13. Awesome! I still haven't upgraded through T-Mobile yet, so I'll have to start saving up and upgrade to the new LX. Yes, the Sidekick 3 still works well and all, but the track ball has definitely gotten a bit funky on me. And, it'd be nice to have a newer device that is more up to date. I've been happy with the plan and service I've gotten through T-Mobile on my Sidekick 3, and have been extremely happy with the Sidekick 3, I wouldn't want to switch to a completely different device. I have looked at EnV's, but no thanks. And Blackberry's just aren't for me. I'll just stick with the Sidekick for EVERYTHING (minus calling/voicing). I can't wait!

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