Thursday, July 2, 2009


Still waiting on SSI. My friend and former interpreter for so many years at school, she also received paperwork to fill out on my behalf from SSI (as did my grandmother, and perhaps some other people as well). She told me she read on the paperwork that once the office got her paperwork back, that they would expediate the process. Hopefully, this means something! We never got all this extra paperwork the first time I tried to apply (shortly after graduating high school). I just did the initial applying, sent in a few of my paycheck stubs and that was it. Denial letter came several weeks later. But this time around, everyone is having to fill out some paperwork for me. I really do hope this does mean something. But we will find out soon enough I suppose.

Today, I think my ear is plugged. I put my hearing aid on and didn't really notice anything sounding funny at first. But when I put the ipod on and start playing some music, it sounded different and odd. Checked the hearing aid and earmold and tubing, no blockage or moisture. So there's something funny going on with my ear. Experiencing tinnitus today too. Sucks! But since I'm at work right now, I can't do anything. Ipod and hearing aid both sitting on the desk, I'll just suffer through the tinnitus as I get my work done.

Chat at tonight. Yay! I completely forgot the chat last week, as I was still in shock over the news of Michael Jackson's death. Yes, his death has affected me. I've loved his music since I was a little kid. He was the first real musician I started to listen to and really got into (long before the days of Hanson). I used to sneak into my parents' room just so I could borrow my dad's copy of the Bad album and listen to it for a while. My sister and I used to watch his Moonwalker video quite a bit. I remember just watching Moonwalker and being really fascinated with his dance moves, wondered how the heck he could do the leaning dance moves in Smooth Criminal without falling onto his face, the bizarre video he had for Leave Me Alone and loving the fact he had a pet monkey! Even today I still enjoy his music and videos and dance moves. Michael Jackson was a music genius, that's for sure. I will definitely appreciate his music more now than I ever have.


Robert said...

If you're intelligent enough to write and compile stuff in English why are other persons filling out paperwork just for you to receive funds from the government?

CDM said...

I don't care about getting funding for the government really. I'm more interested in getting medical benefits. I can't afford insurance on my own, haven't had any luck finding a job that offers benefits, so I'm stuck with my current part time job where there's no chance of going fulltime.