Friday, March 19, 2010

So frustrating

A few weeks back, I sent an inquiry to the Wyoming EqualityCare office about their criteria for cochlear implant coverage. Today I've gotten a response. Since I sent in the inquiry, they've removed the "no communicating" bit from their criteria. Great!

But... I have to have scored 40% or worse in order for Medicaid to cover the implant for me. I've scored somewhere a bit over 50% with the right ear (0% for left ear). Ugh! Advanced Bionics insurance reimbursement already knows of this. I'm waiting on a response from Allison Biever to see if there's something else we could do. I am so incredibly frustrated right now. I do know there is still the CNI Cochlear Implant Assistance's program, and I may have to go that route afterall. I want to see what Allison has to say first.

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Dave said...

This must be extremely frustrating for you. I sympathize with you, and hope for better news soon.