Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting closer

It's slowly getting closer and closer to March! Lately I've just been quite eager for the CI dates to get closer and closer. I keep hitting up the Advanced Bionics website and scoping out their color and accessory options, trying to decide which color and accessories I'd want, that sort of thing. Even pulled out the Advanced Bionics info packet I received from AB quite some time ago about the Harmony device. Even have a notebook that I'm using just strictly for the cochlear implant, where I keep track of questions I want to ask, notes of colors/accessories I want,

The follow up with the CI surgeon is Feb. 24th (where we talk of the surgery and that sort of thing), and I'll also be informing the center of which implant device I want to get. The audie said she'd have demos for me to look at/play with, so I can get a feel for them. If I do get 2 processors, I'm sure I'll want a Harmony, and a Neptune. I mean, who doesn't want a Neptune? It's a pretty neat device, and it'll definitely come in handy when I'm around little kids in wet settings. I have nephews that love water guns and splashing in the water. My Naida hearing aid barely handled a tiny itty bitty splash last summer (really, I swear, a couple of small drops of water on the hearing aid and the next day it was acting funny until I ran it through the Dry n Store!). I would even be more willing to get into a swimming pool with a Neptune and go swimming. I've never liked the fact that I've had to take off my hearing aids and put them away before getting wet, especially when swimming with friends and family (not being able to hear has stopped me from willingly getting into a pool for the most part, I want to hear what's going on around me!).

Pre-op and pre-admissions is set for March 13, surgery for March 14, and activation and post-op March 29th. I've been researching cochlear implants, and even working at getting one for about 10 years now. I'm glad it's finally going to happen!  I've even already gotten the pneumovax vaccine last week, just to get it out of the way. I'm getting excited about this!

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