Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snuggies! and more

I finally broke down and ordered a set of Snuggies from Advanced Bionics (on Wednesday). I was able to place the order through email with AB's Customer Service.  She emailed back a receipt that I had to sign and send back. Of course, I don't have access to a scanner at work so I got the fax number from her to fax the receipt back.  First attempt failed, but the second attempt went through.  She said she would get them shipped ASAP for Friday arrival.  Thursday, I got up and took my dog out only to trip over a Fed-Ex box under my welcome mat. Talk about quick shipping! Wow! 

I opened up one of the Snuggies (there's 3 in the set), and looked at it.  Too big!  Then I realized there was this little piece of plastic holding the ends of the plastic tube together to make the ring. Oohh.  I popped one end off, put it around my ear to "fit" it and cut off the excess.  There we go, now it fits!  Slipped one of the ring over the Harmony processor (which was tricky, as I had nail decor stickers on the side of it and the ring tried to move/knock some of them off).  Slipped smallest ring over the earhook (I had the Direct Connect earhook on the Harmony), attached a PowerCel battery to the Harmony and slipped the last ring over it and tried it on.  Yay!  I shouldn't have to worry about the Harmony falling off my ear now.

this is how the Snuggie looks on the Harmony.

on my ear
It works quite nicely.  Just taking me a bit of time to get used to putting the Harmony on and wrapping the Snuggie around the ear as well.  But it feels comfortable and that's all that matters.  Didn't want to have to resort to using an earmold to keep the processor on, as I didn't want to deal with an itchy/sore ear just from the mold.

And also, it seems like the PowerCel Plus battery lasts me maybe about 2 days.  I wore it most of the day yesterday, took the battery off last night without putting it on the charger, and put it back on today.  So far it's still going. Just thought I'd find out how long a single PowerCel lasts me just so I know.

Also, Thursday evening was the Hands & Voices Pizza Party at the deaf school building.  I only just found out about it the previous night when a parent posted a notice to our local deaf community's deaf social facebook page.  So I RSVP'd.  Why not? It'd be fun.  A few families were there. A mom with 2 kids who have bilateral AB implants, a mom with a daughter who has a Cochlear device, and another mom whose son has a Cochlear device as well. There was also a mom with a little baby, who is due to get some hearing aids next week.  Another family arrived after a while with a 3 month old baby girl who has hearing aids.  It was fun socializing with everyone, and watching the kids play. Some of them asked about my implant progress and what was this and that  like, etc.  The moms with the babies were asking about the implant too, wondering what it was like.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, wow, thanks for the tip... gotta get Tate some "snuggies". (Though I'll probably have to call them something else to make them more appealing to a 13 year old boy!) He's had his fall off a few times and that looks much more secure.

Julie G

CDM said...

Yeah. I just got real tired of the Harmony falling off. But the Snuggie helps keep it on, so I'm happy. :)