Wednesday, August 1, 2012


On Monday, as I was leaving the post office down town, I heard a sound.  I thought it sounded like a helicopter, so I looked up towards the sky. At first I didn't see anything, so I kept searching.  I then spotted a helicopter not too far off. Amazing! Hearing the helicopter, and figuring it was the helicopter making the sound before locating the actual source, that's pretty awesome I thought. I didn't have my hearing aid turned on then either.

I think it was Sunday night when I decided to give the Amelia Bedelia audiobook another try on my laptop. Had the hearing aid turned off, and I was using headphones plugged into the laptop.  At first I couldn't figure out what was going on (turns out the person was doing a brief introduction at first). But then she started narrating the Amelia Bedelia story.  This audiobook CD has background music, so it's tricky.  But I was able to pick up on the 2nd page and keep up with the story.  I couldn't do that at all when I first tried back in April.  There are 3 more Amelia Bedelia stories on the CD, so I'll tackle those at some point.

Also, I did download a few free children's books from iTunes onto my iPod Touch.  A couple do not have audio with them, but the rest do.  I think I must have downloaded maybe five books.  I did listen to one so far, but haven't tried the others yet. I'll have to remember to look for "contains audio" when looking for more books to download to my iPod, as not all books will have audio.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

We've had that same problem, getting books for Tate to listen to - too many background noises, or music! Had success with books on CD for older kids. We found some fun chapter books. I know they would still be "young" (even for Tate) but your library might have some?


CDM said...

I haven't really fully browsed the online audiobook selections that our library is associated with, and I haven't gone to the library to check their audiobook selections yet either. But for now I'll browse through iTunes. Just trying different things here and there. :)

Cecilie said...


I hope you'll try updating your blog more often ;) I'm very impatient to hear about your progress.

My situation is quite like yours - I got completely deaf on my leaf ear and had a profound hearing loss on my right (90 db) following meningitis in 1994. I was older than you - 17 (I'm 35 today), so my speech is normal, but it sounds like you've had great training on that, so it isn't a problem for you.

Right know, I' considering having a CI on my dead ear (as you call it), but as I feel okay, with the hearing I have on the right, I think it is a tough decision. You blog is great for me, as your starting point was about the same.

Keep up the writing :)