Monday, November 26, 2012

What was that sound?!

On Saturday morning, I headed over to the mall to meet up with my mom and sister to do a little shopping. Mostly we were trying to find something to wear to my step-brother's wedding next month.  We hit up a variety of stores at the mall, browsed around, found something here and there.  At one point, we ended up at Payless to look at shoes. Found a pair of shoes that I could wear for the wedding, which mom bought for me.  While we were at Payless though, I was hearing this high pitched type of sound. I asked mom and sister what the sound was, but they didn't hear it. I was starting to think maybe it was just the tinnitus in my right ear.  After mom purchased my shoes, we went back out into the mall and were waiting on my sister.  There was a Salvation Army person ringing a bell in front of Sears.  Aha! That was it! It was the bell I was hearing. Mom told her about my implant and that I was hearing the bell inside Payless, and she thought that was pretty neat. She rang the bell for me and that was definitely what I was hearing. My sister was impressed that I could hear it in Payless, which was quite a distance away from the bell.  Mystery solved! That was pretty cool though.

I also was hearing my mom's car keys and remotes hitting each other and making noise. The little things I'm picking up on! Pretty amazing technology!

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