Monday, December 10, 2012

latest going ons

This morning, I headed over to the local college to the ASL Class Christmas Party. I only just found out about it on Friday, and the instructor said anyone from the deaf community were welcome to come by. I thought why not! I need to get out and socialize more. So I went!

And not once did I turn on my hearing aid the whole time. Shoot, I haven't touched the hearing aid the entire day today.  I did fairly well at the party with just the CI alone.  But then, it was an ASL class so people were signing.  I did see an old friend from middle school there, she's been taking the ASL class. Awesome! We chatted for a little while, which was fun, and hopefully we can keep in touch via Facebook. I chatted with a few other students there too. One is the son of an audiologist in town, and he was curious about my implant.  It was just fun.  I did have to ask for repeats here and there, but everyone was fine with that.  I'm glad I went!  Also, on Thursday evening, another ASL instructor (from a nearby town) is doing an ASL Silent Dinner at a Mexican restaurant too, and she has invited deaf folks to come as well so the students can interact with Deaf folks using ASL. I plan on going.

I did also stop by the deaf school library to visit with Jo.  I haven't seen her in maybe 2 months, so it's been a while. We had a nice time chatting and visiting. And she even pulled up an email which contained a link to an interview of a few deaf employees of Boeing (here's the link in case you want to watch, it's pretty interesting to watch!  One of my longest time friends works for Boeing! I had no idea he worked on the planes, so it was interesting to watch the video. She also asked me if I would email her twin brother about the cochlear implant, as he's possibly thinking of getting one and his place of employment's insurance would help pay for it. So I'll have to send him an email and answer any questions he may have.

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