Thursday, December 13, 2012


I finally got registered for 2 our of 3 classes at the local college! I was supposed to go to the college on the afternoon of Nov. 30 to meet with an advisor and to get registered. Well, unfortunately, there was a murder-suicide that happened on campus in a classroom that morning, so all events and classes for the rest of the day were cancelled.  I was then scheduled to see the disabilities coordinator last Thursday afternoon... That got rescheduled as well. So finally I saw the disabilities coordinator today and got registered. I was planning to take an Elementary Algebra course redesign class, English Basic Skills 2, and Medicial Terminology.  Medical Terminology was all full, but I am on the wait list in case a spot opens up. So for now, it looks like it'll be two classes for the Spring 2013 semester. The disabilties coordinator and I also talked of using the captioning service for at least the English class, and got a plan wrote up and signed off on.  The math class is mostly done on the computer at my own pace, with some video lectures (which has captioning), so I really only need accommodations for the English class. No interpreter, I think the captioning will be enough.  I do better when I can read the text, the signing just doesn't stick with me.

The disabilities coordinator did type up a letter to send to the English instructor of why I needed the captioning accommodation, mentioning that I just recently got my cochlear implant and need the captioning for support.  He asked me a bit about my implant and how I was doing, how does it compare to the hearing aid, etc. 

Now I just need to meet with my Vocational Rehab. counselor next week and actually sign my plan, and hopefully get an FM unit ordered as well. And I see the disabilities coordinator at the college again the week before classes start so he can get me set up with the captioning device. Cool beans!

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