Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy few days

Been a busy few days!  WYHI last Friday was a lot of fun.  Sure was fun seeing all the kids skating at the roller skating rink.  Some were just learning how to skate and needed some help, while others skated flawlessly with no problems.  Sure had a great time chatting with some of my former teachers and interpreters, and other folks who are in the deaf education field.  The open-captioned movie showing of Rio 2 was fun as well.  A very cute movie, I liked it.  Friday was definitely a great day!  By the time I got to work after WYHI, I was tired, and worn out when I got home.  So tired that I really shouldn't have been messing with kitchen appliances... uh, oops, made a mess out of my cherry smoothie with the small Ninja blender. 

Saturday, there was Deaf Ice Cream social at the Dairy Queen.  Many ASL students showed up to practice their ASL skills with the local deaf community.  I always like to go to the DQ socials, enjoying ice cream and socializing.  Well, actually, I like going to any of the deaf socials going on.  Just getting out and socializing with the deaf community is always fun!  And eating out is always a bonus for me.

This morning, I saw my CI audiologist and had my CI processors adjusted.  Audie and I talked for a few minutes, so she could find out how I was doing with my CI, volume levels, etc.  Ended up bringing down the volume in general a bit, so that I can get off the 8 o'clock position with the volume wheel (now I'm at about 9 or 10 o'clock position) and still have the option to turn down the volume if needed for noisy situations.  The higher frequencies were also brought up some more.  The first year with the CI, I just could not tolerate the high frequencies at all; it was just too much and overwhelming.  But over the last year/year and a half, the audie has been slowly increasing the higher frequency levels a bit at a time, so that I could get used to them.  Hopefully now I should be able to hear emergency vehicles from a bit of a distance instead of being extremely quiet while right next to my car.  My hearing with the CI was also briefly tested in the sound booth (beeps/tones) and apparently I did pretty well with that. 
When I go home, I'm also to switch over to my brand new never opened T-Mic, just to see if I get better clarity or if the original T-Mic (which I've been using for 2 years now) is still clear enough.  If everything sounds the same between new and old T-Mics, then I'll keep on using the old one and keeping the new one for back-up/replacement for when one of my older T-Mics (I have two, one on the Harmony and one with the T-Com for the Neptune) finally bites the dust.  My mom came to my appointment this morning, since it's been a while.  She didn't really know what was going on though.  She's not quite familiar with the process of programming the CI, the different programs and options available, etc.  Was still nice that she could come though!
Anyway, both Harmony and Neptune are the same again basically.  Same programs.  P1 is the old P2 on the Harmony, P2 has the adjusted volume settings and higher frequency level gains, and P3 is the same as P2 but with Optima added on.

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