Thursday, April 24, 2014

Set for Fall Semester!

I am all registered for the fall semester at the college!  Will be re-taking PreCalc, this time the redesign course with the instructor I had for Elementary and Intermediate Algebra (also redesign courses).  Let's hope I do better and get a better grade for Radiography.  Looks like I'm shooting for Radiography again next year.  Also registered for ASL 2, General Psychology (online), and a PE course.  Should be fun times, right?  Yeah!  I went to the college's Health Science Center on Tuesday after work to register for a time slot for advising day, only to find out advising day was the following day!  Whoa....  So I got to see my advisor yesterday, and discussed a little bit about the math (she knows I was having trouble and worried about the grade) and that sort of thing.  Will have to remember I still need a Computer Science credit as part of the college's general requirements for graduation, so I'll take that class Spring 2015 (and any other filler classes to take while waiting to reapply for Radiography and keep the full-time college course load going).

Been kind of a busy week, with all the running around I've been doing it seems.  Had to take my dog up to the vet today for a quick blood test, see where his bromide levels are at and if there's anything else that's since popped up for whatever reason.  Was told the test takes about 15 minutes, but I still haven't gotten an email from the vet yet.... Will give it a bit more time.  In the mean time, sent off the dog's prescription for more bromide potassium from

My ASL instructor is also interested in having her dog trained, so we might take the same dog training classes this summer if it works out.  That should be fun!  If it works out, I'll have someone that I know, and she could possibly even interpret for me a bit at times if needed.  Either way, it'll be fun.

Tomorrow is WYHI, yay!  Should be fun to see all the deaf and hard of hearing students from all over the state coming together for a day of fun!  Roller skating, open caption movie showing.  Should definitely be a lot of fun.  I've always loved going to WYHI, and being able to interact with other students with a variety of hearing loss levels as a kid myself.  Great opportunity for students to make new friends, connect with old friends, socialize, and just be themselves.  I've been to plenty of interesting WYHI's myself while growing up..  A Deaf Russian theater group came one time, and showed us some of their Russian signs, which was neat.  Deaf magician, a Deaf theater group from the U.S., Billy Seago was a guest and showed the kids how to be expressive and interactive with their signs, etc.  WYHI is now only held once per school year, whereas when I was in school myself, it was twice a year (once in fall, and one in spring).  There were 2 or 3 WYHI's that were done via webcams from different base locations (I think 5 or 6 locations), and that was interesting as well.  Kids got to learn more of the technology and resources available to communicate with others via webcams and such.  I may no longer be a K-12 student, but I still enjoy going to WYHI, sometimes to help out, but mostly to socialize and have fun.

Now, regarding Optima and my Neptune... I think I know why Optima didn't work all this time.  I had Neptune on Program 1, which does not have Optima added to it.  I am always getting Programs 1 and 3 mixed up!  I'm on Program 2, and put in a fresh battery yesterday at about 10:15 a.m., and it's still going today.  How much longer will it last, I wonder?  With a non-Optima program, an AAA battery lasts me about 14-16 hours.  D'oh!  Don't know why I didn't realize I was still using an old program on the Neptune and not P2 or P3.  P3 is too loud, so I'll stick with P2.

Also, today is World Meningitis Awareness Day.  I was 2 when I had HIB meningitis in November of 1987.  That was what caused my deafness.  No one should ever have to suffer from this horrible illness.  Vaccinations are available to prevent most strains.  Be educated and proactive in preventing meningitis, if possible! Visit Meningitis Angels and the Meningitis Foundation of America websites for more information on the different types of meningitis, and of the vaccinations that are available.


Miss Kat's Parents said...

My University allows you to take one general ed. class a semester as Pass/No Pass. That means as long as you get above a D, it simply gets recorded as a Pass. Does your school have that as a possibility?

CDM said...

It's too late to do anything now. Last day to change the status of any classes (audit, etc). was April 17th.