Thursday, August 21, 2014

Denver Trip #1

Got up at about 8:30 in the morning yesterday, and rushed around to make sure I had everything I needed packed for the first trip to Denver of the week.  Drove out to the vet to drop  off my dog for boarding, then drove over to my mom's.  We loaded up our stuff into my stepdad's truck, and we took off (after making three stops before we got on the highway). Did a stop at a gas station in Cheyenne, and continued on our way.  I pulled out my laptop and watched Flubber (the Robin Williams version), using my FM system to listen to it.  Was nice!  We arrived to Denver before the movie was over, but with the traffic and such on the highway, I was able to finish watching it before we got to the Colorado Rockies stadium.  Stepdad bought 3 tickets to the Rockies game for himself, his son and grandson (boys' afternoon out at a ball game).  Got to the hotel and got all checked in.  Drove around quite a bit, hit up a Macy's so stepdad could do some clearance shopping.  Then we went to the hair salon stepdad's sister works at.  While mom was getting her hair cut, stepdad, his niece, and I walked around a bit and ended up at Wizard's Chest.  I had never even heard of Wizard's Chest.  It's a neat store full of a variety of toys/games/gadgets.  Headed back to the salon, hung out until mom was done getting her hair done.  We all went to dinner at Patxi's Pizza, which was pretty good.  Back to the salon so stepdad could get his hair cut, then we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Melody and I are ready to go!

watching Flubber on my laptop

Melody's just chilling

Colorado Rockies vehicles on display

checked in at the hotel

The Wizard's Chest!

giant lady bugs in trees in the Cherry Creek area

Today, mom got me up bright and early, of course!  Stepdad and I grabbed some breakfast from the continental breakfast set up in the hotel lobby, then headed out to Swedish Hospital for my appointment with the CI audiologist.  Mom and I went in while stepdad went to get some stuff for the flower mart.  I checked in, and receptionist mentioned that my appointment wasn't until Monday.  I had to tell her I was seeing the audiologist.  Short wait, then I was led to a sound booth.  Audie did some quick testing.  Hearing aid alone, CI alone, then both devices off but tested with the headphones on.  I failed!  I got a few words and one full sentence with the hearing aid; few words with the CI but none of the sentences, and listened for the beeps/tones.  Then the audie went and got my mom so we could talk, and she could do some counseling.  She said I qualify for the second implant, since I did poorly with the left implant.  Should be no problem with Medicare covering the second implant.  She talked of the Naida and the Mid-Scala array which can help preserve residual hearing of the implanted ear (though it's not always the case).  Mom had some concerns of my going bilateral and the implant destroy what little hearing I have left, which is understandable.  Audie said I should do much better with the implant in the right ear, since I've worn a hearing aid on that ear since shortly after becoming deaf and having usable hearing (whereas with the left ear, it was a dead ear, no usable hearing, didn't wear a hearing aid since 4th grade, etc.) so doing the left ear was a big gamble.   But with the right ear being implanted, we should see improved results more quickly.  She also recommended that I get 2 Naidas, instead of one Naida and one Neptune.. I was already considering getting two Naidas myself, it just makes the most sense.  I would put a Naida on my left ear, one the right, and be able to take advantage of the newer features and bilateral features of two Naidas.  My thinking is that I would have the current Neptune that I have programmed to be a back up for the right ear, and leave the Harmony as is for the left.  Just have to decide which color, battery types, and accessories (which I will get all figured out at a later date).

in the sound booth!

being tested

After that, we were on our way.  Mom and I chatted some more about all this while we waited for stepdad to come pick us up.  After being picked up, we hit up Hobby Lobby, then we hit the road (after navigating traffic jams due to road work and all that insanity!).  Ended up in Loveland and had burgers at Red Robin (I had a crispy chicken sandwich instead), and roamed the promenade.  Mom and I went into Barnes & Nobel while Rob went over to Macy's to check out their clearance racks.  She and I also hit up Famous Footwear before meeting with Rob.  Headed over to the Outlet Mall... Rob hit up the Tommy Hilfiger store, mom and I went to Dress Barn and Rocky Mountain Chocolate.  Then back on the road again! We stopped in Wheatland to gas up and grab a quick bite from Taco John's, and kept going until we made it home.

bought a Stephen King book!

hanging out at the Dress Barn, waiting for mom.

corn fields!

uh, there's a buffalo on the hill...

Yay!  Denver trip #1 is done!  Home for a couple of days, then we take off again Sunday morning for Denver, for appointment #2, to meet with the surgeon and take it from there.  I would like to get the second implant done this coming fall, before November if possible (mom and stepdad both have November birthdays, and with holidays coming up meaning busy schedule for stepdad at the flower mart, and winter = icky winter weather for driving so best to avoid that...) I don't know, we'll see.  Let's at least meet with the surgeon and we'll take it from there.

Just nuts... to go all the way down to Denver for a short audiologist appointment...  But surgeon is out this week, and audie isn't on office on Monday, so there was just no way to get both appointments done in one day (like was originally planned).  ah well, things happen.

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