Monday, September 29, 2014

October is going to be BUSY

Lots going on in October!  Getting a second cochlear implant, with surgery on Oct. 15, and activation and post op set for Oct. 28.  There is also a Deaf Expo in Denver on Oct. 25th, which I so badly have been wanting to go to for a long time now.

I did pre-register for the Deaf Expo a few months ago and then forgot about it until some of my friends were discussing going and making plans.  I asked if it was okay if I joined their group, and they were cool with it.  It should be fun, a little road trip with some friends.  I've never been to a Deaf Expo before, so I'm excited to go!  And it would be a bonus to write of my experience at the Expo in my ASL paper on socializing at the end of the semester.  Why not?!   It should be a fun and interesting trip with the 4 of us traveling in one vehicle.

I have already given my audiologist and the office person who makes the official orders my choices for the AB Naida options.  I'm asking for the Pirate Caribbean Blue Naida processor, Pirate Caribbean and Petrol colored UHP color caps, black short UHP cables, the 230 size batteries, and the ComPilot.  I found out that since I'd be getting only one kit for both of my Naidas (since the order is considered for one ear), I'd only be receiving 2 batteries in the kit.  Uhhh.... O_o  I will most definitely be ordering extra batteries after I've been activated, so I have spares on hand.  And I may even order some of the disposable batteries option later on down the road too.

ahh, look at that color!
Yep, that will be 3 trips down to Denver and back, whew.  Add to that, it's also Halloween as well!  My favorite holiday, for sure.

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