Thursday, March 27, 2003

audiologist on CI, CI Kids Camp

oh yeah! while at the Alpine Hearing Center, the dude there (I never did catch his name lmao) said that he took a class on cochlear implants about 5 months ago, and he wants to work with the Denver CI specialists and see if he can like.. fix any problems with the CI's or make adjustments to them for people that live around here that have CI's (which is very few) so that they wouldn't have to drive ALLLLL the way to Denver to get it taken cared of. My mom asked if he knew anything about CI's as I do want one for myself. One thing he said is that the criteria for being a candidate has definitely decreased as the CI really does help and work for a lot of people or whatever.... so I could be a candidate!!!! My mom and I just need to get going and meet with specialists and even contact the DVR and see if they'd be willing to help us with the fundings for the CI.

Another thing!!!!!!! Theres a Cochlear Implant camp for kids/teens who have CI's. Their families can attend it too, and it's like a 5 day camp or whatever. My interpreter's alreadt signed up to be a volunteer interpreter... Problem is, since we had 2 snow days last week, the school days have been extended to June 9th or 10th.. which is a problem. The person in charge of the deaf education department or whatever, she probably wouldn't let my interpreter go because of the extended school days. So! This morning Jo told me about the camp, and thought that it might be possible that I could be a volunteer or something like that, and go with her! Then it would be for sure that she could go! I think it'd be a wonderful experience! That way I can meet many others who have CI's and ask them about the CIs and stuff like that. Heather Whitestone is a featured speaker at this camp in June too, as she had gotten her cochlear implant just last year so she can hear her kids. My mom could go too if she could be a volunteer somewhere.. that way she and I can talk with the specialists and all.... find out what we're supposed to do and so on. It'd be really cool I think! I hope I can be a volunteer!!!!!!


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