Friday, March 28, 2003

CI Kids Camp

I just found out I can be a volunteer for the Cochlear Implant camp thingy for kids/teens with CIs that's in June! And it'll be treated as a FIELD TRIP for school rather than missing school.. This is gonna be soo much fun!

My interpreter Jo volunteered to be an interpreter, and her best friend (who used to be my teacher back during the deaf school years) is also going. We're gonna share a cabin, they get 1 bedroom and I get the other room to myself. Oh yeah it'll be fun and a great experience!

I'll be able to talk to others about their experiences, get some ideas for myself, and even do some research =P This would be a good opportunity for me to gather up some ideas like from the CI specialists that will be there for the deaf/cochlear implant problem I created for school. WE BETTER BE DOING THIS PROBLEM NEXT YEAR as I really wanna do it before I graduate!!!!! lol

HEATHER WHITESTONE's a featured speaker at the camp in June! This is gonna ROCK! YEAH! I'm now excited about this!

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