Thursday, March 27, 2003

new mold new mold!

I had an earmold made TODAY instead of MONDAY!!!! THANK GOODNESS for Alpine! We now have an Alpine Hearing Center right here in town... so we don't haffta drive to the University of Wyoming for new hearing aids or repairs to my equipment or whatnot! It can all be done HERE! and the guy at the Alpine here, he says he'd make my mold today and have it for me by Monday or Tuesday! and when I have my molds made through the school district, it takes 10 days to the mold from the company! And... I think the guy who made my mold will be better than the school district audiologist Linda.... The guy says my earmold should be going into my ear more, but it's not cause it seems like someone cuts off the tip of the earmold that goes into the ear canal or whatever. BUT HEY! I'm getting my new earmold MONDAY or TUESDAY! ain't that grand?!?!?! I'm excited!

AAANNNNDDDD!!!! he also said while sending out the mold of my ear to the company to have the earmold made, he'd also send in the damaged cord for my personal FM system and get a replacement. He also said he'd order a few more of the cords so he'd have them in his office available for me! He doesn't have much at his office right now as he just opened the Alpine Hearing Center a few months ago and doesn't exactly know what his customers need. I'm happy!!!!

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