Monday, September 17, 2007

more on today's evaluation

Ok, here's a bit more from today's evaluation. I made a post at and mentioned some stuff that I didn't even mention in the earlier post. Basically, here's a copy/paste from that particular post.

Did the hearing testing, blah blah no surprise. They even put a hearing aid on my left ear but that ear still had no results at all. But I got a 52% score for the repeating/word recognition/sentence recognition testing part, which is good haha. So I am a candidate due to the audiological testing. Next, the CT scan to see what the cochleas are like. Mom said when they considered an implant for me when I was a very young child (this was in the late 80's), they wouldn't do the implant on my left ear due to ossification; apparently half of my cochlea was ossified at that time... So it's probably FULLY ossified now. So that basically leaves me with my right ear for the implant. The audiologist believes I will do very well with an implant in the right ear.

Now mom's all worried and concerned and scared. Scared that once I start this, that I'll give up at some point. I keep trying to tell her I WON'T give up, that I know it takes a lot of effort and time for the implant to work and all, and even before t She's just worried, and sometimes it drives me crazy. She gets a bit over protective with me at times.

So, yeah. Also, the audiologist wants me to go to my HA audiologist and have him adjust my hearing aid again so I can hear more of the lower frequencies. When the recognition test was done, it's a loop instead of a decline, and the CI audiologist said it was more common to see a decline, not a loop like mine. I didn't hear the lower frequencies (I heard TOM instead of THUMB, and YOU instead of YOUTH, etc.). That's the first thing she wants me to do. Then get a CAT scan, then make another appointment for a visit with the surgeon.

Funny how I forget some details. Eh, it happens with everyone at times.

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Paula said...

Hi CD!

Saw your post on and on here. So excited for you about your cochlear implant candidacy. When will you be getting it? Are you doing one ear or two?